miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017


Today I bring you a post on an online page called Stylewe that you all know probably because I have already talked about it before. Those who do not know it, I present it again right now because it is an online clothing store that is made by new designers and is quite exclusive.


I like the stylewe clothes, it is of very good quality, it has a specialized design and the cuts of the clothes are made in a way that make them flattering, adapting to the female figure.


Right now in this summer season, we have weddings, baptisms, communions and various events, so we look for, in addition to clothing, more exclusive accessories and that adapt to fashion and our budget. Although the prices that we can find in Stylewe are quite higher than those of other pages we can see them and learn more about it

Just fashion now is a new page where we can also find fashion but at more affordable prices. They have the most dressed clothes, the clothes with embroidery and also there is a section of sales that has very good prices compared to other pages of the same type.


They have some cheap dresses online that are beautiful and there are many models to choose from. I loved to see the variety there and the different styles.

Have you ever bought one of these pages?

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  1. Los precios son muy buenos y las cosas que tienen se ven muy monas. Un beso

  2. No he comprado en ninguna de estas páginas, la verdad es que hay cosas que prefiero verlas en persona, porque por foto pueden parecer mejores de lo que realmente son.


  3. Me encantan ese vestidito negro
    Un besote

  4. Le echare un vistazo, no la conocia y veo que tiene buenos precios. Un beso

  5. No he comprado en esta página pero el segundo clutch tiene buena pinta.

  6. ;)

    Adorei essa seleção. Fiquei encantada com os vestidos!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  7. Muy chulas las cosas. Lo que veo un poco caro, los clutchs. Nunca he comprado en esta web.

  8. que bonitos los bolsos y el vestido negro también me gustó mucho, un besote.

  9. que moneria de vestidos y bolsos nos enseñas, me gustan casi todos, es que has elegido muy buenos productos


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