jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2018


Today I'm going to talk about one of those pages that I did not use to visit until suddenly an email arrived. I'm not the typical person who likes clothes for the home ... it's something I do not usually like. My mother is one of the old mothers who accumulates boxes of white sheets and towels ... she even has them embroidered with initials and makes them tiptoe.

Silk store is an online store where they have silk products, soft and with very competitive prices. My mother, of all those things of house clothes that she has, she has nothing of silk. Silk was in fashion a long time ago and now since Victoria's Secret has released its silk pajamas ... As always, a brand makes it fashionable and we already have it on sale with a lot of different prints and of different qualities.

The silk pillowcase I had never seen but I admit that I had never seen the silk cushions. Silk is a very soft fabric and I have to admit that it has to be a joy for the skin. All the tissues that are very respectful with the skin and especially with the skin of the face are welcome in my house. Although the rosacea has just come to the fore with the confession of Dani Martin, there are many people who have suffered for years and with this we have to use different tissues to help us perfect skin care. Recognize that pillows and cushions are in different colors, I was surprised because you can combine it with the colors of the living room and other places where you are going to put them.

Another thing that has surprised me are the silk pajamas for women there are different models with prints for all tastes and also have what is an excellent quality. I love flashy pajamas and there is one with pineapples that will be chosen as my Christmas present. In my city, I have not found this type of pajamas and I think they are a very good alternative for halftime, they are not too thick but neither too thin.

What did you think of freedomsilk?

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  1. No conocía la web pero tienen cosas interesantes, me encanta el pijama de piñas ^^
    Un beso!

  2. No la conocía, pero a mí sí que me gusta la ropa del hogar!!!

  3. Hola! Tiene unas cosas muy chulas. No conocía esta web.
    Te espero pronto por mi blog. Bss

  4. No conocía la web habrá que pasarse a curiosear

  5. No conocía la web, le echare un vistazo. Gracias por la info. Un beso

  6. ;D

    Essa loja parece ser bem legal!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  7. me encanta! el pijama tiene cosas interesantes! besitos!

  8. Hola guapa
    ME encanta esta selección de ropa de cama que nos traes, y mas en seda, que bonitas y elegantes son esas sábanas
    ADemás es genial saber que en la web también tienen diseños de pijamas, son preciosos
    Un besazo

  9. No conocia esta web pero tiene unas cositas muy bonitas, tendré que sentarme para mirar con detalle todo. Gracias por la recomendación.

  10. La pijama de piñas esta muy curada! Me agrado bastante. No conocía la web pero ya la estoy mirando y creo que sera bueno comprar algunas cosas.
    Muchas gracias por el consejo!


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