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sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

This wishlist dedicated to summer in which almost all use mini short dress to show off our legs that go bronzing Sun. Some more than others because I do not usually take too much sun. 

In summer, a short mini dress is a basic! All need you! Rosegal puts at our disposal a number of beautiful dresses to wear and also have very encouraging silhouettes. 

Rosegal of off-white dress is beautiful also is very combinable with Brown boots. I love the type of set, dress is loose and has a pattern of lace. Well combined is impressive. 

Green dress is tight up and with a huge cleavage and a skirt with flight. It is a dress that is a lot like wearing that Marylin Monroe. It has a print of green plants which I love because it is very summery. 

I've never bought in Rosegal but now I'll make a request and I will tell you how long it takes to get me and how has gone me with them. 

Do that they think I chosen dresses? do you like Rosegal?

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  1. El vestido blanco es una pasada!! Un besazo

  2. Me encantan las dos propuestas...

  3. no conozco la firma pero los dos vestidos son preciosos

  4. El vestido blanco es ideal para las celebraciones de ahora de Comuniones, Bautizos... precioso

  5. Mi favorito es el primer vestido. Besos

  6. A mi me encanta el vestido verde!!
    Un besote

  7. El primer vestido me encantó, un besote.

  8. Me encanta el vestido blanco, es precioso!
    Un beso!

  9. ¡El vestido blanco es una monada! Un besote


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