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Setting Sprays and Powders: things you need to know

Setting Sprays and Powders: things you need to know
The general idea is to imagine having makeup that will last for eternity. It is worse to keep thinking that your makeup needs a touchup, when you are at work, after taking some dancing steps in the club, or on a long journey.
Choosing the right setting spray and powders to compliment your look is crucial, but it is more important if you are able to look for the best product that can last you a whole day without necessarily needing to bronzer touchup at every opportunity.
What is setting spray?
We don’t need Oxford dictionary to define makeup setting spray; it is spray for the face, just like the hairspray, but it does not stick eyelashes together because it was designed for the face. It is used mostly at the end of makeup, to ensure longevity and set the makeup.
Using makeup-setting spray is a personal decision, but if you want your makeup to last longer and stay just the way you applied it, it is better to try the product.
The best way to apply makeup setting spray is to wait until the makeup is completely applied. It should be the last finishing touch on the makeup. Holding it about an arm's length away, and let it fall naturally on your face, spritz in a way that will not mess up the makeup that took you a while to wear.
It doesn’t require robbing, just leave it to naturally set. Depending on the product, the number of pumps you need may vary, but in most cases, it's between one to three. Too much of it may drench the face, which does look like what you want.
Setting powders what about it
it's like there is a setting product for everything. Whether to dry your nails polish quickly, make the eyelashes perfect, or to lock up the makeup, there is a spray for every occasion.
Just as the setting spray is designed to lock up makeup,  and to last longer, the setting powder is formulated to absorb moisture and excess oil from the face. Remember that the skin is a porous surface that produces oil; the setting powder is to help the makeup lasts longer, messed up or melts away.
Setting powder is applied during the makeup routine and it sets the concealer, foundation and all the creamy and liquid products you have used to a smooth and skin-like texture.
It should not be confused with the finishing powder, which is used after applying the setting powder and it adds a kind of blurred look to the already imperfect skin.
To keep your makeup or extend its life on your face, using both products, setting sprays and powder is recommended by professionals, with the setting spray, adding different finished looks like the dewy or matte to the makeup.

setting spray and powder are two tools that work in tandem, to add glamor to your makeup and make it safe, from needing to touch the makeup at every opportunity.

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