sábado, 27 de abril de 2019



I have not written for a long time but today I bring you a post about Newchic's online store. Newchic was one of the pages I collaborated with the most when I was collaborating on clothes and I have to admit that the things that came to me from there ... there were some that I loved and others that just were not to my liking.

This time I will simply show you certain products that can be bought on the web and that have a very good quality. These pages sometimes go short in quality but have very low prices for that reason it is necessary to choose well among the options that you can find.

Short wavy hair


The wigs are fashionable and are a basic to make quick changes of look. I have a very smooth hair and complicated to undulate. It is not complicated to undulate but is complicated to maintain the wavy. What better than not having to burn our ... using a wig. We can also change look without problem.

waterproof eyeliner


I do not usually delineate my eyes but I recognize that I like to make up, although since I am competing, I do not like to go to the library with make-up. Still, the eyeliner is something that resists me at a level that you can not imagine. To make it easier to do so, you can see that there are different formats. There are cheaper eyeliners and different colors that surprised me.

Eyeshadows palettes


I loved the shadow palettes. The more colors they had, the more they called my attention, but now I have two shadows and they are the only ones I use. I have to admit that my makeup collection is getting smaller because I only replace what I need. As you can see there are many eye shadows on these palettes and they also have very different colors that is why they are great to try and make different test looks. The quality is not how it will be but I recognize that the price is very cheap.

Laser hair removal


This product is one of those that catches my attention but I do not know if I would buy it because this lasers is complicated to use. Hair removal is for the removal of body hair but I would not risk buying this type of products on pages that are not specialized.

What do you think about the post about Newchic?